Place vs Stay

Place vs Stay, two totally different meanings for your dog. Using both in the same context is very confusing and can ruin both commands.


Place is a long term relaxed position until released on an objected that can be differentiated from the floor. Yes, more advanced dogs can place on just the floor, but for beginners I always suggest a dog cot to restrict army crawling or unwanted movement. It is a relaxed command. The dog should be laying down, it does not matter how, but laying down. The command place can be used throughout the day under many different distractions. The command "place" is an everyday command that creates a happy and managed dog. The dog can be in "place" through many situations. Situations include, but are not limited to, making a meal, watching tv, taking a shower, exercising, preventing door rushing and most importantly teaching your dog it is OK to be bored. I stress the term 'Ok to be bored" to all my clients. Boredom is important to dogs. A dog that is constantly door rushing, looking out the window, sniffing the counter, pacing back and forth, peeing on the carpet is NOT a happy dog, that is a stressed, not managed and over stimulated dog. Create boredom on place, create it so your dog isn't eating the chocolate off the counter, rushing out the door and getting hit by a car, becoming anxious from constantly pacing, getting underfoot, busting out the window to get the neighborhood squirrel, or having accidents on the carpet. A dog on "place" is not doing any of those things, therefor, he is not learning them (they are pattern animals by the way), but learning to be confident in his "place".


Stay is a short term command mostly used for obedience scenarios or a short term "HOLD UP WHILE I DO SOMETHING". Stay should be focused, alert, and very little movement (If at all any). No sniffing, no moving, no shifting, etc. The dog should keep its position no matter what until released. For example, if you put your dog into sit-stay, the dog should stay in a sit, not move to a down and vice versa.

The two commands are taught very similar, but yet so different. Mixing the two can lead to a long term struggle to learn both of these commands successfully and effectively. If you tell a dog to "Place" and then "Stay" and the dog moves all around on the "place", your "Stay" command that should have no movement is screwed.

If you would like to learn more, contact us, we would be happy to help!

Bindi and Caius sharing the "Place" cot while I move furniture around!

Caius in a "sit-stay"

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