From Home to Public, it takes work.

First time doing obedience and engaging with owner out in public. It takes a lot of work, I’ll say it again, a lot of work. I over emphasize with owners that taking your dog out into public is a whole other ball game. That’s why we start in-home first, with less distractions. You need to be on top of your dog, keep their engagement and protect them from passer-by-ers <—— (is that a word?) who sometimes don’t know how to keep their hands to themselves ( don’t be one of those people). The lift is going to be noisey, the plants are going to smell different, there may be other dogs, crazy children and a ton of people, work though EVERY second of it. That doesn’t mean do crazy obedience and don’t stop. This means teach your dog to be ok with just hanging out around these noises and distractions, but also to be able to work through them as well. Confidence building though obedience and public outings are very beneficial, especially if you want a well rounded member of society 🐶

Practice and conditioning do not make anyone perfect, but they make you better.

I jump up and down for these clients 🎉

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