Caius and Michaela practicing heeling for a sport called IGP or "Schutzhund"

About Us

You can go through and graduate as many obedience classes as you want, but having a dog apply those behaviors in the real world is the ultimate reward.

In 2017 Michaela started Mountainside K9 to share her knowledge.

Teaching and helping others is what she loves to do. Having a well rounded dog that is ready to take on the world is a rare occurence because we tend to use the excuse of “that is just how they are”. We can take that “ it is just how they are” and use it to our advantage, creating habits that will better both the owner and the dog.

When not working with you or your dog she is busy managing MK9, enjoying the outdoors, training her dogs for their next competition or drinking green tea. Michaela shares her house with three working dogs, Caius, Stitches and Fable.

Michaela is involved in numerous dog sports such as Agility, Barn Hunt, Rally-O, Obedience, Dock Diving, IPO, American Schutzhund and many more. Training for and competing in these events is how she spends most of her weekends and free time.

“ I am in a constant state of learning from my success, failures, other people and seminars”


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